ICA, or Inköpscentralernas Aktiebolag, is the leading chain of grocer’s shops in Sweden. Every day millions of Swedes buy their groceries from ICA because they know that they are getting their money’s worth. ICA offers high-quality products that meet the consumer needs. As the chain understands the significance of excellent customer service, they have decided to centralise their newspaper and magazine subscriptions to LM Information Delivery.

ICA has used LM Information Delivery’s Subscription Management Services and the electronic LibNet subscription management tool since 2011. Both ICA and LM Information Delivery are customer-centric organisations, i.e. it is the aim of both companies that each of their sites and offices offers strong local support.

An easy way to subscribe to newspapers and magazines

Marie Berger works at human resources department at ICA. In addition to her other duties, she is responsible for ICA’s newspaper and magazine subscriptions. By centralising subscription management to LM Information Delivery, ICA saves time and money. Marie Berger is extremely satisfied with the cooperation.

“We had already centralised our newspaper and magazine subscriptions before LM Information Delivery became our service provider. However, in my opinion LM Information Delivery’s straightforward system makes my job easier than before.”

ICA subscribes to approximately 300 newspapers and magazines through LM Information Delivery. In addition, they order infrequent subscriptions directly from a publisher. Newspapers and magazines are available for reading at reception premises, and decision-makers and other ICA personnel utilise them to support their work. LM Information Delivery delivers newspapers and magazines to several ICA sites all around Sweden.

LibNet is the key to efficient subscription management

Marie Berger says she is particularly satisfied with the fact that LM Information Delivery’s electronic LibNet subscription management tool is so easy to use. At ICA, all tasks related to newspapers and magazines are carried out in LibNet: it is used for ordering new subscriptions, cancelling the subscriptions of little-read newspapers and magazines and renewing subscriptions annually.

“LibNet is a user-friendly service that feels very modern. All of the employees at our company know how to use it, and it is easy to enter information into the system. I also like the fact that LibNet can be used in Swedish.”

According to Berger, LibNet is also a practical reporting tool.

“We see the grand total of all of ICA’s subscriptions at a glance, which makes the reporting to the management effortless. In addition, our management team needs to know which newspapers and magazines are available and where they are located, for instance, and we can obtain this information, too, with just a few clicks.”

A good score for customer service

Berger has also been satisfied with customer service provided by LM Information Delivery. Usually she contacts the dedicated customer service representative that LM Information Delivery has named for ICA if she cannot find a certain newspaper or magazine or needs other help.

“The customer service provided by LM Information Delivery has been excellent, very service-oriented and friendly. Our dedicated customer service representative always responds to our queries in a quick and friendly manner. I gladly recommend LM Information Delivery to other companies!”

Benefits for ICA:

  • LM Information Delivery’s services used: Subscription Management Services, LibNet
  • Benefits: LM Information Delivery offers excellent customer service as well as an easy way to centralise all subscription management services. LM Information Delivery’s LibNet subscription management tool is a comprehensive solution for all subscription management needs.

LM Information Delivery’s services used

Subscription Management Services, LibNet