Our values guide our operations to enable to us to achieve our vision. Our vision is to be the most valued partner in the information service industry by offering competent local customer service and innovative solutions developed for cost-efficient acquisition and management of resources.

Our values:

  • Enabling our customers’ success
    We want our customers to be satisfied with us. As a result, we invest in competent local customer service in all countries, working together with our customers in their own language. Our aim is to support our customer throughout the life cycle of our services.
  • Constant innovation and drive for development
    We have always strived to be at the cutting edge of the rapidly developing information service industry. We invest heavily in our product development and technical solutions team and participate actively in various seminars and events of the industry. Many of our services have been developed in cooperation with our customers. Indeed, our innovative approach can be seen in the everyday operations of our customers as easy-to-use and comprehensive solutions.
  • Traditions are our strength
    LM Information Delivery is still a family-owned company, with long-term commitment to our customers, personnel and other partners. On average, our personnel has over 10 years of experience in the industry. Extensive local industry know-how can also be seen in our high customer satisfaction scores.