The LibConnect service enables you to connect both your library and procurement systems with LM Information Delivery’s information systems. This integration makes the transfer of messages and information faster, more accurate and more efficient as information travels automatically from one system to another.

Integration with library systems (such as PrettyCirc) enables you to subscribe to titles, update title data and charge for resources directly from your own system. We have also equipped the SAP and Basware procurement systems with OCI interfaces, enabling integration of your library’s procurement system with LM Information Delivery’s database.

This system integration frees up time spent on updating and maintenance of title-related data.

Benefits for our customers:

  • Connects the library and/or procurement system with LM Information Delivery’s data systems
  • Makes the transfer of messages between the customer’s and LM Information Delivery’s systems faster and more efficient
  • Titles can be subscribed to and renewed directly from the customer’s own system
  • It is easy to update information and submit complaints
  • OCI interfaces for the SAP and Basware procurement systems, for instance, are available for corporate customers