LibERM – simplifying e-resource management

LibERM is a web based tool that allows you to gather all important information with regards to e-resources in one place. Forget about various excel sheets and post its, now you can centralize key figures and licenses in a service that can be used by all librarians. The service is designed to meet the needs of all kinds of organizations that use large volumes of electronic resources by facilitating the management of resources and the collection of license information. Systematic and efficient maintenance of licence information increases the cost-effectiveness of libraries and other organisations, improves the usability of resources and facilitates resource-related decision-making.  

The management information for e-resources procured by the organisation, such as licence information, terms of use, URL addresses or statistics, can easily be saved in the LibERM service. LibERM gives a clear overview of purchase costs and standardized reports about resources. The service enables communication among the personnel regarding resource-related manners, such as license terms. The solution can be modified according to the wishes of the organisation, and the service is not bound to one service provider. 


  • Reduces time used to manage e-resources
  • Standardized reports about your resources and costs.
  • Management information for e-resources in one place
  • The service can be used by all library employees
  • Service makes procurement and maintenance of resource collections more cost-effective and helps in planning the procurement budget
  • Good tool for developing library resource collections
  • Solution can be modified to suit the needs of the library
  • Easy and effortless implementation and training in use of the service

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