ProQuest Workflow Solutions 360

The ProQuest Workflow Solutions 360 product family offers a complete solution for the efficient use, management and evaluation of electronic resources. This set of services is based on the comprehensive and continuously updated KnowledgeWorks knowledge base.

These services, running on a database, can easily be combined into various entities according to your requirements, facilitating the use, management and evaluation of e-resources and consequently increasing patron satisfaction too.
  • Intota Assessment - A tool for combining, evaluating and reporting usage statistics.
  • Intota E - A comprehensive solution for managing the complete life cycle of e-resources and streamlining workflows.
  • Summon - A Google-like discovery service which makes it easy and fast to find just the right resources even from an extensive selection.
  • 360 Core - Centralised management of e-resources and quick, controlled access to resources.
  • 360 Link - The leading OpenURL Link Resolver on the market.
  • 360 Search - A search service with which a user can search for resources in all databases at the same time.
  • 360 Marc Updates - Keep e-resources up to date and enable appropriate access with accurate, authorised and comprehensive MARC records.