Summon is a new Google-like discovery service. Summon facilitates information searches in the entire resource collection of a library or in Summon’s own database, which is an index of a large number of databases from publishers and other service providers. The extremely fast search function provides comprehensive results that are relevant to the user, and it is particularly well suited to the needs of academic and scientific libraries.

Benefits for our customers:

  • The search results present relevant hits in a clear and user-friendly manner
  • The search results can be restricted to full-text resources used by the library
  • The user can see at a glance which texts are available in full-text format
  • Implementation is effortless and the service is fully hosted
  • Can be tailored to a library’s own requirements
  • Easy to integrate with other library services through an API application
  • Search results and references can be easily exported to bibliographic management software such as EndNote, RefWorks and ProCite